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About Us

Who We Are

Purpose Driven Sisters is a youth organization that strives to empower young ladies while also creating a safe space for them to focus on building sister-like relationships through empowerment, encouragement, and education. The non-profit was founded in 2018 by Ryann McNair to work with young ladies ages 8-17 in Milwaukee, WI. The name Purpose Driven Sisters was created because Ryann believes life is about purpose and you should be driven to achieve your goals.   

Purpose Driven Sisters offers weekly sessions on various topics such as self-worth, spiritual growth, and responsibilities. We aspire to help young girls work through conflicts they may encounter while they advance into their next stage of life. Our goal is to inspire young people to always be thankful for what they are given and always be ready to help others in need.

What We Do


Our mission is to change the lives of young girls by teaching them about several topics that they will need as they grow into adulthood. With different activities, we encourage our girls to get out of their comfort zone and prove to themselves that they are stronger and fearless. 

We welcome and encourage all girls from all over the world to come and join us as we grow while we live our best lives. 

Some members of Purpose Driven Sisters posing for the camera


Our purpose is to instruct our young girls about valuing themselves while also building bonds with their mentors and other young girls in their community while learning the Word of God. 

ButterFly Effect



Purpose Driven Sisters has partnered with MENTOR Greater Milwaukee, a group that promotes quality mentoring throughout Metro Milwaukee and provides resources for mentors and mentoring programs across the county.


Mentoring is essential because it lets young people know someone cares, helps them with everyday issues, and makes them feel valued. Studies have shown that positive mentoring relationships can have a significant impact on personal, academic, and career success.


Meet The Board

Meet the wonderful people that make Purpose Driven Sisters a success. Head over to the board member page linked below or learn more about our work.

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